PolyGoon Presale

4 min readJul 18, 2021

This day has come. Polygoon is happy to announce the upcoming presale date along with more token and roadmap details! It’s time to unleash the power of GOON!

Why will Polygoon platform make a difference?

By 2021, it has become impossible to imagine the cryptocurrency market without DeFi. With more than 100 peer-to-peer protocols launched, it became a challenge for the user to make the right choice in this fast-growing industry.

Today’s next major problem is that decentralized financial networks are often isolated in separate cells that cannot exchange value effectively. In order to outrun and vanquish the old-fashioned banking field, the DeFi sector needs to take another approach. The direction to enhancing the interoperability by our team is based on the most crucial components that lack advancements.

We highly regard solutions like UMA (decentralized financial contracts platform built to enable Universal Market Access) to issue synthetic assets tracking the price of any traditional asset. Our in-house DApp will likely utilize it, however, stay tuned for exact details later.

Low gas fees and transactions up to 100 times faster than Ethereum offers at the moment, promise a much-needed relief to the crypto community. Moreover, users can swap stablecoins without slippage, and combined with a 0.3% fee per transaction, it makes a killer offer.

Our yield farm DApp is part of the investment module of the Polygoon network protocols. Thus, users can earn GOON tokens in a controlled model that prevents inflation, offering easy access to DeFi by facilitating interoperability between existing projects.

The launch of the Goon token is the next step in developing the ecosystem towards our goal of pioneering privacy solutions for DeFi as it will become the backbone for the new Matic-based ecosystem.

Goon Presale Info

The highly-anticipated presale will be accessible to anyone through the DXSALE platform from July 21rd 6 PM UTC time to July 22th 10 PM UTC time. After the presale is completed, the initial GOON/Matic pair will be listed immediately on Quickswap.

Moreover, we plan to launch the farming Dapp right the next day after the presale takes place — on July 23th.

Token details:

  • Token allocation will be as follows: presale 54% (380.000 GOONS), initial liquidity 19% (130,000 GOONS), 19% for marketing (15,000), strategic sale — 6%(40.000) and airdrops 3% (20,000 GOONS).
  • Presale price: $1.5
  • Mainnet contract address: 0x50D74B93b2D970A2d727A43F490742051d93401B


Polygoon Features:

The GOON token will be the utility token of the Polygoon platform. Robust smart contracts are completely reworked for more efficiency and security. The GOON tokenomics has been designed for long-term use,it will be integrated into each dapp that we build, like our synthetic assets

Initial token features:

  • The reward per block is 1 GOON;
  • Harvest lockup period;
  • Burning mechanisms;
  • Buyback strategies;
  • Vesting contract security measures.

Next steps in the roadmap

Once we conclude our public sale and raise, you will see a packed schedule of product updates, announcements of partnerships with content creators, and new announcements.

There’s a huge path ahead as the Polygoon roadmap is planned for years ahead. As highlighted in our whitepaper, further development will focus on the following things: Farming DApp Launch, AMM Launch, Liquidity aggregator, Integration of synthetic asset, stablecoin swap system without slippage, Launchpad and new partnerships. Next, we plan to complete several audits for all our product will help avoid differences in prices and further reassure investors about transparency, and the first one coming right the following week by the well-known company https://techrate.org/. Our team also plans to list our token on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Dappradar, and other platforms.

Global blockchain adoption can be achieved only when projects from across chains can work in synchrony to achieve a common goal. By establishing synergy for projects within the MATIC chain, our team aims to transform the multiple LEGO bricks of DeFi into a versatile playground.

Our ambitious approach is to propose a very solid economic model while developing the interoperability of the Matic eco-system.

We will focus our efforts on products with high added value, while prioritizing the safety aspect of our smart contracts.

Our final vision is an ecosystem that will upscale L2 ideology and create a better user experience worldwide. When the pieces of the puzzle are all put together, we could see a level of interaction users always strove for.

Join us to build a better DeFi experience of tomorrow!

Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyGoonMatic

Telegram: https://t.me/PolygoonFinance

Medium: https://medium.com/@polygoonmatic

Gitbook: https://polygoonmatic.gitbook.io/polygoon/

Discord: https://discord.gg/5fH5gwR5sf