Polygoon x PolyDoge: Moonward partners

3 min readJul 16, 2021

Hello, Goons. It’s time for explosive news!

We are thrilled to unveil a new partnership with a highly promising project. PolyDoge is the first community-centric coin on the fastest and cheapest Ethereum L2, Polygon ($MATIC), and the token popularity index follows a steady positive trend

Unique transactions of PolyDoge reported by PolygonScan

PolyDoge is marketed by top influencers across several social media platforms; Twitter inclusive. The project is advertised by such famous influencers as Bart Baker who is a major PolyDoge enthusiast and promoter. With over a million followers, the influencer can pull in a lot of attention on the project, raising the level of global awareness.

About the CEO

Our advisor and PolyDoge’s CEO Pat is an expert in marketing and project management. Presumably, he is able to spearhead high-value strategic partnerships, too — big moves he was responsible for include the installation of cyber-mainstream celebrities Bart Baker and the stunning Californian Shira Lazar. Both are featured prominently on PolyDoge’s site as core team members. No doubt that it’s very fitting for PolyDoge to be “adopted” by these celebrities as a crypto of choice. Under his stewardship, we expect the PolyDoge project to reach escape velocity soon and grow exponentially.

Why is PolyDoge gaining this much ground?

● Pioneering community on the Polygon network that accumulates network effects as its viral vectors are contagious;

● Being on Polygon confers easy integration into any platform to meet the payment use case;

● Easy to understand and use. PolyDoge is the users’ choice because individuals are able to understand what PolyDoge’s utility emphasizes;

● PolyDoge token can be easily ported to other inclusive blockchains;

● The total addressable market reaches the full expanse of users already on the Polygon network;

● A strong marketing team that creates content for trendy social apps like Twitter and TikTok.

What does this partnership entail?

Our research and market surveys support a PolyDoge x Polygoon partnership. Here is what we have agreed upon:

● Incorporation of the PolyDoge as a utility token into the Polygoon ecosystem and Dapps;

● Research collaboration; We will pool our knowledge to offer the best possible product to the community;

● Direct visibility to Polygoon; PolyDoge is regarded as an established, long-running project on Polygon and our platform can enjoy merit through association. This endorsement would drive traffic to Polygoon and then retain new users.

We at Polygoon believe that working together to achieve common aims is the first step in the right direction. Sharing of data and resources will allow both projects to attain greater alacrity and momentum.

Polygoon will integrate the PolyDoge token into it’s ecosystem, and users will be able to harvest rewards from liquidity pairs and farms in PolyDoge. The PolyDoge coin is a fast-growing token, and we are bringing it closer to the doorsteps of our users.

This partnership will accrue long-term benefits in terms of the market capitalization value of both entities. PolyDoge’s burgeoning popularity will help drive adoption metrics on our Dapps.

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