Revealing the details of Polygoon contract audit

2 min readJul 20, 2021


The initial step to GOON’s transparency has been made

Modern cryptocurrency field ripes for more security and transparency among fast-emering protocols. We have great news for our investors and supporters! As the presale date is coming close and our team is thrilled to inform you that GOON’s smart contract has been audited by the well-known TechRate company, receiving positive feedback.

Why audits matter in DeFi

We see extremely costly transactions as a stumbling block for many projects in the DeFi field. Despite a large number of Layer 2 which are solutions rolling out on the market have proclaimed a mission to prepare a remedy for this issue, multiple flaws in token’s smart contracts as well as loops resulted in many multi-million hacks and rug pulls, and subsequently — loss of investors funds. We at Polygoon have taken security as the cornerstone of our platform’s roadmap, making plans to undergo several audits during the development process.

Techrate is a smart contract audit firm focused on DeFi projects and Ethereum/ Binance chain smart contacts. Just a few days before the presale, we feel that it’s utterly essential to reassure our supporters and future investors of the protocol’s reliability by sharing Tech Rate’s report.

Polygoon team is happy to confirm that the source code of PolyGoon token was audited in July 2021 and the audit report describes no critical, significant, or medium severity issues but lists three minor ones.

The purpose of the audit was to achieve the following:

● Ensure that the smart contract functions as intended.

● Identify potential security issues with the smart contract.

Initial contracts:

Recheck contracts:

Conclusion: The only low severity issue remaining pointed out by the audit is a well known MasterChef issue, that will not cause any issue: The gas consumption of the massUpdatePools function! You can check the full report here.

Meanwhile, the GOON crew is always eager to help our community, and we are looking forward to your feedback! Please feel free to visit our social channels like Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

You can also join Techrate on Telegram, Twitter and check their website.